HMINEWS.COM-  At a protest in Caen, a man with a flare poses with a fellow demonstrator wearing a mask of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Unpopular with the Crowd
Unpopular with the Crowd
In Custody; A young protester in Nanterre is arrested
Dispersant High school students protect themselves from police-dispersed tear gas in Lyon.
Melting A youth jumps over a burning garbage bin during clashes in Lyon
Wreckage A woman runs past a shoe shop damaged during clashes in Lyon.
An Assembly Private- and public-sector workers gather in Marseille
Trashed High school students block traffic during a demonstration at the Place de la République in Paris
Organized Labor ArcelorMittal steelworkers dressed in protective suits demonstrate against the proposed reforms in Marseille
Total Loss A car burns during a student demonstration in Nanterre
Police take position during clashes with youths after a demonstration in Lyon. About 480,000 people joined demonstrations around the country, according to the French government