Applause Despite all the analysis by Korea watchers, the Korean Central News Agency — the North Korean propaganda apparatus — has neither released any background information on Kim Jong Un nor declared him the son of the Dear Leader. Read more:,29307,2022599_2194974,00.html#ixzz118b629hd
Groomed for Succession At the conference, Kim Jong Un was given the rank of four-star general in the Korean People's Army and was installed on the Central Committee of the Workers' Party Read more:,29307,2022599_2194973,00.html#ixzz118bXDGCe
Front and Center State television broadcast images of the young Kim attending a Workers' Party of Korea conference. Read more:,29307,2022599_2194972,00.html#ixzz118bsA2EE
Blowup The photograph was published in the country's largest newspaper, Rodong Shinmun. Seated between the father and son is Vice Marshall Ri Yong Ho.
Coming Out On Sept. 30, 2010, the North Korean news service released a photograph of Kim Jong Un, left, the youngest son and heir apparent to Kim Jong Il. Read more:,29307,2022599_2194966,00.html#ixzz118cIV64Y