Ketua Umum PB HMI dan Ketua Komisi Hubungan Internasional Dalam Forum Internasional Di Iran Beberapa Waktu Lalu

HMINEWS.COM- An interview with Muhammad Chozin Amirullah the President of Association of Islamic University Students (HMI)-conducted by M.H.Sadrzadeh from

Q: What are the most important challenges on the way of creating unity in the Islamic Ummah as well as among Muslim people in your country?

A: I think one problem is that Muslim people around the world are not aware enough about their religion and this is our duty to put more effort to increase their level of knowledge about their faith. The commonalities in our faith and religious beliefs can then be a ground for creation of unity among Muslim brothers.

Q: What are the practical ways for creating this unity among Muslims in the Islamic Ummah?

A: I think the Islamic Ummah consists of different nations, different countries, and different ethnics so as Muslim people we need to know each other more closely so that an emotional feeling is formed among us and we come to a same feeling about our future.

Q: How do you see and analyze the cultural activities inside the Islamic countries and what is the role of western countries in this regard?

A: We have so many Muslim communities around the world which are rich in cultural values, so we can have cultural exchanges between these Muslim societies and such cultural diversities can be a good source for the Islamic culture.   I think even the term “Islamic culture” refers to those parts of the existing culture in any Muslim society, which are connected to the Islamic values. About the western culture I think we have to filtrate it. Each new culture may have some good parts and some bad parts.   By good culture I mean the culture that is good according to the Islamic values and we can absorb and accept it and a bad culture is the one which is against the Islamic values and therefore we should reject it.   I think this rule applies to all cultures not only the western culture. Also one important cultural activity of the west about Islam is to create hatred of Islam among other societies.

Q: How do you see the potential capacities of the Islamic countries and how can we utilize these capacities:

A: I believe we have huge capacities in Islamic countries that can be used to do more and to strengthen ourselves. We have so many smart and educated people, we have so many rich cultures, we have so many natural resources and also a great population which can play an important role in terms of economics and controlling the markets.

Q: In your opinion, how can students and university scholars in the Islamic world use internet and the cyber world for the implementation of the united Islamic Ummah?

A: Cyber world is very important for Muslims and we cannot neglect it. It’s a new world that we can use to spread our information and for the development of communication among ourselves.   As I said before, it’s very important to make Muslims feel closer to each other and Internet and the cyber world can play an important role in that regard too.   For example Muslims in Indonesia can communicate with their Iranian brothers and also other Muslims in other places at the same time. So we can well utilize this cyber space to unite Muslim societies in the world. []Source: